Our global state of wellness is influenced by multiple factors: health, occupation, emotional state, family and friends, the political stability of our country of residence and birth, employment opportunities

However, our mindset plays an essential as well, since  our personal beliefs obviously enable or inhibit our inner desire of fullfilment.

Since you expressed your interest in Global Wellness Day, this online psychological test takes that interest to the next level.  It will help you assess how satisfied you truly feel with your life and help find avenues to amplify your state of wellness.

This test has been written by Lise Bartoli, clinical psychologist & hypnotherapist, author of several books & over a hundred online-tests, in collaboration with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, International Coordinator Global Wellness Day.

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1. The house is still fast asleep. You have little time for breakfast before you hit the road, you:

2. You are thinking of getting some exercise, you choose:

3. For New Year’s Eve, you:

4. You happen to find an old photo from one of your childhood holidays. You think:

5. Monday morning, before you head to work, you feel:

6. Your boss has selected another project to pursue other than the one you worked so hard on for weeks. You think :

7. You had found the ideal house, but it just got sold. You are:

8. Your best friends ask you to give a speech on their wedding day. You think:

9. TV news report a humanitarian disaster in a far away country. You…:

10. A friend tells you about a trip around the world that he is about to embark on:

11. You dream of learning how to dance the Salsa, and a ballroom dance studio opens just next door:

12. The birthday party of your youngest child is approaching. You:

13. After watching a report on TV about intensive farming (with GMO), you:

14. Unexpectedly, you have a free evening. You take this opportunity to:

15. When you reflect upon your life, you think:

16. In your opinion, happiness is:

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Nationality :

A special thanks to all the international Wellness Ambassadors who have translated this online test:

  • ENGLISH test translated by Jean-Guy de Gabriac (TIP TOUCH International) & Kim Marshall (MARSHALL PLAN)
  • GERMAN test translated by Adrian Egger (THERMARIUM)
  • ITALIAN test translated by Chiara Bonomi (COMFORT ZONE)
  • CHINESE test translated by Edward Wong (Esth'EdeS Institute International & Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore - SWAS)
  • PORTUGUESE test translated by Adrian Bridge (THE YEATMAN Porto)
  • FILIPINO test translated by Erwin Torres
  • RUSSIAN test translated by Elena Bogacheva (SPA PRIORI & Spa and Wellness International Council - SWIC)
  • SPANISH test translated by Camilla Ilves (MASSAGE AROUND THE WORLD)
  • TURKISH test translated by Global Welness Day Turkey Team
  • THAI test translated by Ms. Apsorn Na Ranong

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